Beyond Cooking

Living in the Beautiful Southern California, Californian do not appreciate how lucky they are to live in a such luxuriant Orchard providing good wine, delicious citrus, the best Garlic, fruity Olive oil, all kind of nuts, Avocados,  Olives, sweet strawberries… with most of these locally Grown ingredients you can make a delicious, nutritious and colorful salad… instead people stop at Fast food restaurant, spending tons of money and eating food full of fat, sugar, processed, and very unhealthy for the body. I propose to educate a Healthy cooking habits and a simple, natural  way of life.

I encourage Californian to visit and buy at their local Farmer’s Market, buy locally grown ingredients, buy Organic vegetables, fruits but also Dairy, eat natural Bread and not the one full of chemicals you can keep 2 months in your pantry. Make your own natural jam, or canned fruits!

I will share the best address where to find good ingredients and food in Southern California or on-line.

I will also share with you some French grandmothers’s secrets and recipes  to clean your house in a simple, economical and natural way as also a natural beauty secrets, how to grown your own herbs, make your own herbal tea,  relaxing techniques  with yoga and breathing techniques.

A bientot!


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