Not that new

For 2 years I had a blog with Blogger under, it was a happy and quiet relationship for a while, but lately I was frustrated about the way my Blog looks. So after a little search and a lot of advices from my DH I decided to switch to WordPress.

This is always exiting to lauch a new Blog or Website or business. You have plenty of new ideas, big dream for having THE perfect Blog,Web with tons of faithful readers, customers… let’s see how I going to improve  my way of Blogging.

You still can consult my Archives under my old blog, today is only the first step, I will transfer the files soon.

A bientot,


2 responses to “Not that new

  1. Wow, congratulation dear. I started with wordpress, but found out that it more complicated then blogger. You see, I am not a technical savvy. I still have my wordpress blog, just never used it anymore. Once I figure out how, I might switch too.

  2. Yah!!! 🙂
    I love it Celine, it looks great!

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